Going to the movie theater, popcorn, previews, texting and motion sickness


January 26, 2013 by jacklovelace

BUY THAT TICKET: Thank God the price is still right. The combination of me being old and in Fort Collins, Colorado, has a ticket in the $6 range. That’s only halfway home in a New York City theater. And the dollar house, $2 tickets, is an incredible deal.

SNACK AND REFRESHMENTS: A major piss off of course. At Cinemark, a small popcorn and a small Coke Zero is now just under $10. When it reaches the $10 mark, sneaking in food and drink may become a necessity.

It wouldn’t be as bad if the popcorn was nice and fluffy and flavorful and lightly salted. I’ve had popcorn so drenched in salt at Cinemark I had to plead for another try. I do appreciate how “art” theaters manage to make good, simple popcorn. The Lyric Cinema in town gets high marks on that score.

At least Coke Zero is sweet enough that the $4.50 diet coke that tasted like dirty water no longer adds insult to injury.

THE PREVIEWS: I like previews. I don’t need seven previews, but alright already. I don’t like it when the previews don’t start at the appointed movie time. Running ads for five minutes is a big turnoff. Carmike in town is guilty of this. Starting a movie more than 20 minutes after the announced time sucks.

THOSE MOVIE DISTRACTIONS: I asked a friend why he doesn’t go to the movies and he said “people.”

I get it. I’m easily distracted. I don’t like talkers, texters. I don’t even like people who laugh constantly or chomp popcorn like Sandra Bullock eating a steak in Miss Congenialty.

I have to say I find most people very considerate here and irritating people are rarely a bother. My fingers remained crossed.

MOTION SICKNESS: I went see Blair Witch Project years ago. I was enjoying the movie until I suddenly got so sick I thought it was the quickest, miserable illness of my life. Laying in the car I figured out it was the camera motion.

Movie life has been dicey ever since. Handheld cameras are all the rage and every time I settle down to watch a movie only to find the camera whipsawing back and forth in almost every frame, I hide my eyes and pick my spots.

I get how it can be effective. I think it can be a cheap gimmick that substitutes for quality filmmaking.

It is a trend I really loathe. Does it bother anyone else?


One thought on “Going to the movie theater, popcorn, previews, texting and motion sickness

  1. stevebaska says:

    I just got back from seeing Djanjo Unchained and read my emails, including
    notification of your movie post. Oh yeah, swinging cameras are my biggest buggabo, I
    hate ’em, will not watch them, can’t see the acting or fight scenes or a damn thing, you
    hit my hot button!

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