Patterson not hopeless

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December 22, 2015 by jacklovelace

James Patterson has become a fiction movie, pouring out a book a month with “partners”.

He has been reduced to a skilled hack to me. I still read some of the books but they range from eye rolling to somewhat interesting. I don’t spend money checking them out anymore, using the electronic library instead.

The only one left that he actually writes is the Alex Cross series.

I just finished the newest Alex Cross book. Really bad. It has an extended courtroom scene that may set a record for unbelievable.

Having said all this, I just got the new one “Alert”, about a New York detective.

It is terrific. Terrifying in depicting New York under siege in a way we’ve never read before.

Interesting characters, sharp detail and writing.

I’ve noticed the books featuring the New York detective are the best of the batch he rolls out.

I’m thinking his writing “partner” on those books needs to branch out on his own.

No doubt Patterson is dragging him down.

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