Walking Dead almost made me walk


December 12, 2016 by jacklovelace

Just when I was ready to walk away from Walking Dead, they woke up just in time.

I hated this last batch of shows.

The cruelty and graphic violence reached a level that went way beyond anything watchable. It was like watching people you care about humiliated week after week.

And the evil character Negan chewed so much scenery, there was nothing left to munch on. Horrible overacting and drawn out dialogue that was as painful as a Matthew McConaughey scene.

So after getting ready to hang it up after all these years, they finally setup the “fight back” scenario for the next batch of shows.

I thought these shows were ill-conceived. I never believed Rick would eat shit this long.

But hopefully they will get back on track.

One thought on “Walking Dead almost made me walk

  1. WORD. I Walked after that first episode this season. There is a line between entertainment and traumatic experience, and they crossed it. I’ve been keeping tabs from a safe distance. Hope Rick and the gang do indeed start fighting back in the next batch of episodes!

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