The commuter crashes badly

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January 17, 2018 by jacklovelace

Maybe the worst Liam Neeson movie ever. And since he makes mostly good one’s, that’s a real indictment. What a turkey. You could drive trucks through the plot, we actually moaned at times. How this move got over half good reviews is beyond understanding. That the rotten tomato audience score on a Liam Neeson movie is lower than critics tells you how bad it is and how the critics screwed the pooch, since fans love Liam and his movies.

I have to share just one head shaker.

A hostage crisis in upstate New York is being run by corrupt NYPD police with the FBI

giving up jurisdiction. Got that?

When it is over the FBI agent explains to Liam, who everyone thought was a bad guy hostage taker until the end, that Liam’s family being held hostage was safe and the bad guys who took her were under arrest.

Well if the FBI knew that Liam was a good guy, why the fuck did they stand by and watch NYPD out of their jurisdiction have a sniper trying to kill him? How do you write yourself into that kind of corner.

One more. I can’t resist.

Remember Spartacus when the Romans ask him to step forward and the slaves all say “I am Spartacus.”

You got it. On the train when the killer asks who is Prim so he can kill her, all the commuters stand up to protect her and say “I am Prim.”

How fucking stupid does Hollywood think we are!

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