Rio climbs way past Glop Mountain

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August 3, 2018 by jacklovelace

I have this weakness for nachos.

But I’m not a total sucker.

A mound of chips with a big glop of cheese on top is not my idea of appetizing.

And I don’t like meat and endless toppings.

The world’s most perfect nachos are at the Rio in Fort Collins, or any of their Colorado outlets.

They take a plate. They spread out good chips in a single layer. They do add cheese and beans and tomatoes and a few jalapenos. But it is all layered with good chopped greens. The combination effect is really tasty. Neat not gaudy. I like to add salsa to give it a little extra kick but it is fine on its own.

I do not understand why more places don’t take the little extra time to make their own variation of these beautiful and tasty nachos.

It beats the hell out of glop mountain.

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