Ruining Stranger Things for the almighty buck

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September 27, 2018 by jacklovelace

One of my major pet peeves came just moments after one of those rare truly special moments of watching series programming.

Stranger Things is a good cable series. It mixes really well cast young people with sci fi activities. It doesn’t work every episode, some are just padding for money to make the season last longer.

But the final two episodes of season two were great. Good triumphs over evil.

And the final episode with the young people at a dance was as heartwarming and powerful as anything you will see on television.

Then, of course, the camera goes underground to indicate the evil aliens are ready to do it all again for season three. Ugh.

That’s why I reluctantly enter into any series. I love three parters that end forever. A movie not meant for a sequel. A mini series that is over and out.

Homeland and House of Cards are two of many examples of series that stay way past their fresh date. In pursuit of the dollar, they accept diminished ratings as they overstay their value for existing until the ratings drop to the point where they limp to the finish line.

Ozark will probably introduce alien hillbillies next year.


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