In Donut heaven there really is a Ray LaMar

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April 23, 2019 by jacklovelace

Just had a couple guilty pleasure donuts from the LaMar’s Donuts branch in Fort Collins.

The sack says “Ray LaMar founded Lamar’s Donuts on the principle of using only the highest……..and it goes on to describe “every donut a masterpiece.”

It did bring back a memory.

We had moved to Kansas City around 1990. We lived in Overland Park.

I had read about the best glazed donuts at a place downtown called LaMar’s.

We made the suburb to city journey one Sunday and got in line. There was Ray

busy behind the counter. I can’t say he made my donut but he was active in making it available.

While I appreciated the quality of the glaze, I don’t particularly care for them and never order them, although I did that day. Somewhere down the line I discovered their cake donuts really got the job done though. I love them.

Anyway, as time continues to pass, if anyone asks if there really was a Ray, there really was a Ray.

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