Demonizing Karen Part II

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December 9, 2020 by jacklovelace

A while back I posted some thoughts on how unfair it was to hijack the name “Karen” to represent

a spoiled, selfish, mean, sometimes racist person.

Yesterday I saw a video of a stupid woman being escorted off a plane because she refused to wear a mask. As she left passengers started shouting “Bye Bye Karen.”

Today I saw an offer on Travelzoo for a $12.99 “immersive virtual holiday show of “A Karen Christmas.”

It goes on to explain you can “seize the show’s performance as a reinvention of the Dickens classic, creating a spin on the classic Scrooge story. Karen is a modern day mean girl who creates her own drama throughout the Christmas season. You’ll serve as Karen’s assistant, moving through this one of a kind digital adventure making choices.”

Since I wrote my piece about how unfair it is to pick one name to hijack, I read where Karen has drastically fallen off the list of names for a newborn, and people named Karen are increasingly uncomfortable.

As I mentioned previously, plug in any number of names from the wide American experience for scorn for their perceived behavior that you don’t like from your point of view, and you would be publicly skinned alive.

If we believe we should live lives where we begin with everyone getting a fair shot without preconceptions based on a number of things, including their name, how wrong is this Karen horseshit?

I am amazed at how I haven’t seen anyone else point this out, much less bitch about it.

Which bothers me as much as anything.

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