Moonbeam? Jessica Walter moment

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March 26, 2021 by jacklovelace

“Dave, play Misty for me” coos Jessica Walter.

Everybody remembers her in Play MIsty for Me as her death returned her to movie fan thoughts this week.

But I like to think of her in a much more obscure role in an underappreciated movie that

anticipated madness on campus and identity politics.


The move takes place on a woke, divided college campus where some rebels fight the tide of woke and separate groups.

We get an early taste of it when Jeremy Piven tries to break through a wall of “womenists” to talk to a former girlfriend who has joined the group.

“What do you want with her, cock man oppressor!” screams one womenist.

You get the picture.

Well riding herd over this madness is Jessica Walters as President Garcia-Thompson in all her wokeness.

When the rebels decide to hold a keg party, for one brief moment all the warring groups come together.

One identity warrior, Moonbeam, has protest signs for all occasions but on this night she gets shitfaced and is dancing on the ceiling. When President Garcia Thompson comes to break it up there is a delicious scene where everything freezes and she spots you know who on somebody’s shoulders. “Moonbeam, is that you?” asks a shocked Garcia Thompson.

But my favorite Walter memory in the movie is when the rebels decide to invade a party at the presidents mansion to steal liquor. They do and they lock the door so no one can get out. Before they leave, they put Afternoon Delight on endless play. Perfect.

After a while the music is driving everyone inside to the point of madness and they break out a window to climb down the trellis.

David Spade, a suckass creep out to get the rebels, is climbing down below Garcia-Thompson when he pauses to

look up her dress.

“Get moving you little pervert.”

That’s how I’ll remember Jessica Walter.

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