Iced beer and out of touch

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November 4, 2022 by jacklovelace

There was a very funny piece in the Wall Street Journal about how political candidates get into trouble when they

try to relate to voters but show themselves out of touch on food and drink issues.

The story mentions Jerry Ford trying to eat a tamale without taking off the husk. Or Barack Obama in Iowa in his first campaign

bemoaning higher food prices by asking how much arugala is at a Whole Foods there. Iowa at the time had no Whole Foods and I don’t think arugula was running ahead of cost of pork.

The writer didn’t mention one I always remembered when George Bush didn’t know what a scanner was in a supermarket.

But the story began with a mistake made by a candidate in my state of Colorado who was caught putting ice in a Michelob Ultra.

Now I get it. This state is obsessed with micro brews and beer purity that makes ice a blaspheme in your triple IPA.

But hell, I like ice in beer sometimes and I don’t think it would ruin an Ultra. I like beer cold, another transgression. I remember my dad used to ice beer all the time.

I rate the iced beer horror alongside the shit a former mayor of New York got for eating pizza with a fork. I don’t do it, but if it

was messy enough I might get some help with silverware.

I do think the overall theme of the piece, how politicians have almost no clue how typical people live who don’t have millions of dollars and have to shop and drive for themselves, scores points.

And it then amuses me when cable commentators point out how politicians are out of touch. These same multi million commentators who live in an east coast bubble with drivers, security, and helpers to do their shopping.

Anyway, I won’t hold ice in my beer against any candidate.


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