McElwain’s bad idea

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September 6, 2012 by jacklovelace

In the euphoria of the victory over CU I almost hate to bring it up.

But Coach McElwain’s control limits on what CSU players can speak to the media is a mistake.

He has instituted a policy that he picks who can talk to the media, and no freshman can talk. That’s way too far.

In the victory over CU a big factor was the kicking of a young Colorado man fresh to the program. Since he wasn’t on the talk list, we never heard what he thought about helping to win the game. (I can’t remember his name since I’ve never seen him quoted)

Now I read about another star from that game, a running back, who we will never hear from since he is not on the approved list which was created in the off-season. Talk about inflexible coach.

The truth. Part of the college sports experience is learning how to express yourself and deal with the media. McElwain can prep them, warn them, coach them, but hide them?


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