South crushes North in Front Range priorities

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August 29, 2012 by jacklovelace

The northern suburbs of Denver are pissed.

While FasTracks is well on the way of meeting every need of the south and central part of the area, the north has gone from ignored to screwed, all the while paying for improvements they aren’t getting.

Why am I not surprised?

When we moved to Colorado in 1999 and began a very happy marriage with Fort Collins, I was quickly on to the north side being at the end of the line.

The most glaring example is the failure to complete an outer loop from I-25 to I-70 from the north.

The south is totally taken care of. Central, all done. The north? Forget it.

I find it crazy that from the north you used to have to drive all the way to Denver to cut west. Now you could take the tollway, if only it led back to I-70!

I admit to not understanding all the dynamics that put south and central and even west parts of the metro area in the driver’s seat, while the north is ignored.

But FasTracks will get you anywhere you want to go very soon in the metro area as long as it isn’t north.

And that strikes me as very wrong.

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