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February 4, 2017 by jacklovelace

I saw fences today making me 9 for all 9 nominated movies.

Anyway, here it goes from 9 to 1. I’m big on how much I “enjoyed watching” a movie, and whether I would watch it again. I’ll include those measures in my ratings, but I will also include the quality of the movie itself.

None of these ratings are really bad, since they are all good.

9. Fences: So much for complaining about the lead character being quiet and brooding. Denzel never ever shuts up. But there is no denying how powerful this movie is with some incredible moments and acting up and down the line. I also thought it was “too much”, really, really slow at times and it is like watching a long, serious play. Viola Davis is something else, the Academy Award is hers and it will be deserved.

8. La La Land: I actually the enjoyed the storyline as slight as it is and the movie is beautiful. Smart ending too. But the music and dance are “attempts” to invoke the glory days. They work ok but the movie is good, certainly not great.

7. Moonlight: Loved the first act and it is a compelling story from beginning to end. I think it tails off a bit as the young man grows, and his reluctance to talk makes for power at first, but before long leaves you wanting more.

6. Manchester By the Sea: Another brooding, depressing, well done interesting story. I don’t like Casey Affleck but the movie was good enough overall to make his lack of articulation (notice a theme here) tolerable. Thank God for the character of his brother’s son. Give me life.

5. Arrival: I am a science fiction nut. That’s why I was puzzled at the extreme raves over this movie. Interesting premise and Amy Adams can’t be bad. But I don’t think it was all that deep or all that interesting in the end. Still good though and this is first nominee that I would watch again willingly.

4. Lion: Now this is some story, it sucks you in and had me riveted. That is, until the second half when our main character becomes a withdrawn, non communicative (here we go again) bore, right up until the wonderful climax. Everyone should see this movie. Terrific tale.

3. Hacksaw Ridge: Other than the violence that made me turn my head away more than I wanted, this is a rip-roaring delivery of a compelling story. It will stand the test of time.

2. Hidden Figures. Loved it. The scene where the math whiz explains why she is gone from the work area so much is as good as it gets in movies. Well acted, well told. Were they really that nasty racist up and down the line in government facilities in Virginia in 1961? We were better than that in a small town in Missouri. I look forward to seeing this movie again, it will stand the test of time and be beloved. It could be No. 1.

  1. Hell or High Water: It was number one when I saw it and nothing has moved me past it. These characters are all interesting and the story works from the opening credits to the closing stare off. A western that is way more than just a western. I can’t wait to watch it again to see those two grizzled cops order food from the tough waitress.

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