Give me the Night

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January 22, 2017 by jacklovelace

M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie out, Split. Haven’t seen it yet.

Entertainment Weekly did a scorecard on his 10 previous movies.

They gave an F to Wide Awake which I don’t even remember.

A C grade  to The Last Airbender that I avoided.

But I dispute their ratings on the movies I did see.

The tops are Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. I remember really enjoying Sixth Sense

but once you know the hook, why see it again? Unbreakable was ok but I don’t have any desire to revisit it.

Next is The Visit, his most recent movie that I thought was really enjoyable.

All the way down to fourth place is Signs, a movie I would put at the top.

I watch it every time it comes on. Gibson is great as usual. Cherry Jones is fine

as the cop. I even like Joaquin Phoenix, who I loathe on most any occasion.

Right behind Signs is The Village, a really interesting movie, not as good as its

concept but still good.

In the bottom rung they include After Earth, a dreadful movie, and Lady in the Water,

which is even worse.

But they also bury The Happening. I love The Happening. The spook concept is

well executed with a solid Wahlberg lead. Those people jumping off buildings is

permanently scary.

I would put Signs and The Happening at the top, and enough reasons why I am always

curious to see what this interesting, flawed Night mind is going to come up with next.

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