Rotten story about Rotten Tomatoes


September 7, 2017 by jacklovelace

The News York Times has a story today about how Hollywood blames Rotten Tomatoes for people not going to movies.

I question the premise but what really sucks is how the Times reporter could write a story about Rotten Tomatoes and not point out prominently that alongside the tomato score is the audience score. I can’t tell you how many times a low tomato score and a much higher audience score got me into the theater. Conversely, a real high critics score and a much lower audience score tells me the critics are not in tune and to proceed with caution. Did the reporter actually surf Rotten Tomatoes in any depth at all?

Just this week I went to see Tulip Fever, with a low Tomatoes number and a much higher audience number. As I suspected, it was enjoyable to watch, it just wasn’t a great movie.


One thought on “Rotten story about Rotten Tomatoes

  1. All Things Movies - Morton says:

    No matter how you see it, it’s all about a consensus between differing levels of film viewer – critics see a shit ton of films so have a vast pool to compare and review whereas an audience score is made of both hardcore cinephiles and those that just like a Sunday afternoon at the cinema! What flies for one group may not for another! It’s really interesting to see what people think though!

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