Frustrated with storm coverage

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September 10, 2017 by jacklovelace

Watching storm coverage is often more frustrating than informational.

If I see one more reporter lashed to a poll in the wind it will be one too many.

Sunday morning one hysterical wind whipped fellow from the Florida Keys said he had a “report” that “all of Key West is underwater.”

Damn, I thought. I not only couldn’t find verification while surfing around, I couldn’t find even a ham radio report from Key West being shared on a cable outlet. Finally my wife checked a live web cam that showed a very wet but still visible Key West poking out of the storm.

I can’t resist two more observations.
I turned on the The Weather Channel and at one point they had
eight different things on the screen, streamers, live shots, weather maps, three of four
different messages and an anchorman being whipped around in the wind.
Do they think we can, or need to, follow that many fucking things at once? Is our fragmented attention span so limited we require constant eye darts?
Second, after an endless stream of heroic reporters out in the wind, could they not actually
go into a home and visit with someone weathering it out, or go into a high rise to give us a view
from someone sticking it out?
How about outside the box every once in a while?


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