The great American divide

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March 6, 2018 by jacklovelace

You want an a vivid illustration of how great the political and cultural divide is in America?

I’ve never seen a better example than, you ready for this, Rotten Tomatoes and the remake of Death Wish, with Bruce Willis sitting in for Charles Bronson.

This movie site gathers critics reviews of a movie and posts the percentage who recommend it. It also lets people who have seen it offer their reaction and it posts that as a percentage.

The results?

Critics: 14 percent recommended.

People who saw the movie: 86 percent liked it and would recommend it.

I am a movie junkie and I have never seen a wider divide between critics and moviegoers.

I won’t waste time stating the obvious about the political and cultural believes of the vast majority of critics, and the political and cultural believes of the people who paid their money to see the movie. Add in the red hot opinions on guns and you have as stark a contrast as you can find.

To play around with Dylan, if you don’t know what is happening here Mr. Jones, you have your head up your ass.

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