The Chiefs have a “Lock” on my heart

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December 9, 2019 by jacklovelace

My NFL sports life used to be simple.

The Kansas City Chiefs forever. When I moved to Kansas City in 1989 I had no up and running pro football team. They weren’t very good but a group of us got season tickets,

Things got better, and it was an exciting decade. I was hooked for a lifetime.

Part of being a Chiefs fan is loathing the Denver Broncos. When John Elway would come to town and often torture us with late game heroics, we just called him “The Devil.”

So you know where we moved next, right? Welcome to Colorado.

I’ve spent 20 years ignoring the Broncos unless they were losing, which is always good for the Chiefs. I do not wish the Broncos well.

So what does “The Devil” do?

He drafts Drew Lock, the quarterback for one of the other loves of my sports lives, the Missouri Tigers.

I was amused when the pundits would speculate that Lock would be another bust.

I knew better.

Quick release? Check. Strong arm? Check. Confidence when things are going good or bad? Check. The ability to scramble to avoid sacks and to get first downs? Check.

All hell broke lose when he finally got to play two weeks ago and you know the rest. He is the toast of the town and the next game is in Kansas City against Chiefs.

Now there is no bottom line problem. I want the Chiefs to win, this time, every time.

But I wouldn’t mind Lock playing well in defeat. Yikes.

See I watched Lock for four years and he wasn’t just some hired gun who came to Mizzou, he is a true son of Old Mizzou, great guy.

I’ve actually started watching the Broncos to see Lock. It pains me.

Out of all the gin joints and football teams in the NFL, why does he end up with the Broncos?

I blame it on “The Devil.”

But it doesn’t make the uneasiness go away.

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