My lack of gush over The Irishman

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December 5, 2019 by jacklovelace

Set aside a night to watch The Irishman on Netflix. You need a night since it is three and a half hours long.

I love GoodFellas and it was like watching new stories in that world.

The good part of that is how intriguing it can be.

The bad part is “been there, done that.” Much of the movie details the rise and fall of Jimmy Hoffa. I have seen and read enough accounts that I knew the broadstrokes of everything that happened. And I would not have picked Al Pacino to portray Hoffa.

At this stage I am all done with this kind of detail of the mobster world.

And Scorsese has an approach that alternates between mesmerizing and irritating.

Robert Deniro has a habit of taking every dialogue exchange and repeating phrases over and over, chewing it to bits before spitting it out. After about the fifth time he is told to shape up Hoffa, the gargling and hedging becomes too much to enjoy.

Is the movie good? Sure.

Should it sweep the awards this year as some are calling for? I hope not.

A movie like JoJo Rabbit has more originality in it by far.

Still, the charactef played by Deniro has interesting choices to make and pays a price for most of them.

There is a lot of food for thought in this movie.

I just wish the oh too familiar mobster world wasn’t the tool.

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