Utopia Avenue: Sheer joy for 60’s child

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September 22, 2020 by jacklovelace

Utopia Avenue.
I read a review of this book and since it was about a 60’s english rock group I was intrigued.
I had no interest in David Mitchell’s previous books and didn’t like the movies made from them.
But as a music child of the 60’s I was interested in the premise. So I thought “what the hell”.
Bottom line: My favorite book of the year and I read a lot of books.
Mitchell mixes the story of this fictitious group and their adventures against the real backdrop of the 60’s scene and real characters from the 60’s. It works, oh it works. A scene with Jerry Garcia had me smiling and shaking my head while I read in joy.
I also appreciated how he avoided cliche setups in getting us so into the stories of the four members of the group.
It is almost perfection. I don’t want to give away anything, but there are brief sections when he puts us inside a troubled mind that are too much for me, but a minor, minor flaw, and since it serves the story so well I wouldn’t even call it that.
This book reminded me of the sheer joy of reading something that just blows you away with pleasure.

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