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September 14, 2020 by jacklovelace

I try and avoid politics and religion. Too many hot buttons, not enough room for discourse.

But as time as gone on I noticed one of those media catch phrases that just strikes me as a mistake.


As in, another clueless white person has done something dumb or thoughtless or even reaching the charge of racist.

I don’t quarrel with shining a light on Joe or Sandy or Barbara or Tim or Jack or whatever the hell the real name is of a person who screws up and finds themselves in the spotlight.

But to use “Karen” as the catch all strikes me as……..get ready,

an insensitive unfair stereotype.

If you picked a name and attached it to clueless behavior by any other ethnic group you would be skinned alive.

I have no one close to me who is named Karen so I don’t have anything personal in this criticism.

Can you imagine a new parent being afraid to name a child Karen because of the negative connotation?

Isn’t that the kind of stereotyping most of us have lived our lives trying to oppose or even eliminate?

I am amazed that I have seen no one point all this out, as obvious as it seems to me.

Every time I see some supposedly cute Karen headline I cringe.

And I cringe at those who see no problem in writing it, using it, believing it is ok.

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