My first trip to a movie theater

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February 28, 2021 by jacklovelace

Armed with the second vaccine shot two weeks in the rear view mirror, I made my first trip to a movie theater today.

It’s been almost a year.

It was great.

No no, not the movie. The movie was Liam Neeson as The Marksman. It was entertaining but not something special.

What was special was the big screen experience.

The theater was the Cinemark Bistro in Fort Collins. Lovely new recliner theater.

The ticket was printed out online and you just hold it up upon entry and walk straight into the theater.

We bought the only two seats in the last row. No one close even close. Less than a dozen in the whole theater with two seats on each side of each group blocked off. The recliner rows are so far apart it’s like they anticipated a virus six foot plus rule. I wore a mask except for smuggled popcorn and soda.

It just felt so good.

I’ll never really understand people who are perfectly satisfied watching a movie on an i phone. Even on a big home screen, although it has become a nice safe experience.

There is something about gazing at the giant screen, getting the hell out of the house, and being taken away for a movie experience, that does it for me.

It was so good to be back.

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