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February 24, 2021 by jacklovelace

Here’s a freebie.

The Oscar’s, and all the award shows really, have become a bore. Too many self important wealthy people explaining to us what matters and what we should think.

Lighten up.

They won’t, but if they wanted to, how about this for a fun diversion.

Pick 10 characters actors who have been in hundreds and hundreds of movies. None of them ever nominated.

Many of them not known by name except for the hardcore movie fans.

Show some of their most fun and powerful clips, have them come up and face the audience one by one.

Then ask those in audience to stand if they have ever worked with these ten. Most asses are out of their seats.

Wouldn’t that be a gas?

I could name oodles of actors and scenes that I remember even if I don’t remember their names.

Here is one just to make the point.

Remember in the Fokker movie when the scrawny cop arrests Stiller and then DeNiro.

“Stand down. I said stand down sir!”

“Well well, well what do we have here another lookie loo”

“You know have {mega volts} coursing through your body.”

“It just keeps getting better and better.”


Pick any movie you like and play the game. (Ok, one more, In Spy with Melissa McCarthy, Aldo who can’t keep his hands off of her. Hilarious)

Not only would it be fun on Oscar night to break the smugness with some hard working people who deserve recognition, it would bring something we all could relate to.

Don’t hold your breath. And for many of you, even if they had this revelation, you have quit watching.

But it would sure be worth watching it on You Tube later.

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