Good beer, but good God the name

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March 10, 2021 by jacklovelace

The race is always on to come up with new micro brew flavors.

Too often, they try and make them so strong and so over the top, I expect some beer snob

to begin a rave review by saying “this is so good it is undrinkable.”

But I do have to say this. They come up with some really clever cool names for the brew.

It came as a surprise last week when I went to the liquor store and found that New Belgium has come out iwth a light lager, 95 calories, 3.8 percent alcohol, the perfect description for an old man wanting to try a low cal beer.

Guess what? It is pretty damn good. Nice flavor, not watery, and better than some of the other light beers rolling around.

The only problem is the name.

You ready? New Belgium, with all the marketing resources available and a track record of fun names decided to call it…………………………………………..The Purist.

I’m not shitting you.

The Purist.

Talk about nerdy dullard naming.

Can you imagine John Wayne (ok I’m reaching) deciding to take off a few pounds before his next movie prancing into a bar and looking the bartender in the eye and saying “howdy little fellow, give a can of the purist.”

New Belgium. It is never to late to try harder.

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