Live streamed music shows ranked

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March 15, 2021 by jacklovelace

During the year of the virus concerts were shut down, leaving us with streaming shows.

Over the year I tried a bakers dozen of these shows, and it was mostly a pleasure.

I’ve ranked the shows although with the exception of one, they all offered enjoyment to varying degrees.

13. Loudon Wainright pays tribute to George Gerdes: This one just didn’t work. I’m a Loudon fan but this was a collection of songs and memories from performers I don’t know about someone I don’t know. A rare total waste for me.

12. Dwight Yoakum: Weird. The sound was great. The songs from his first album were really good. But that is all he did. A little over an hour with a lot of talk and 10 fairly short songs from one album. I was sure he would finish with a mini flurry of Fast as You and Little Sister etc. Nothing. Not satisfactory.

11. Richard Thompson does Fairport Convention. Love Richard but I’m not hardcore Fairport and I didn’t know a vast majority of the songs. He did Who Knows Where the Times Goes thank goodness. A highlight was a back to back I Still Miss Someone by Johnny Cash and Gone Gone Gone by the Everly Brothers.

10. Suzanne Vega: She did her cabaret show and there was a lot to like, from Marlene on the Wall to Luka to Left of the Middle.

9. Richard Thompson Christmas Show: Not as playful as I hoped, some really obscure stuff. But he began with the Kinks Father Christmas and wrapped up with Bright Lights, so good.

8. Taj Mahal: Still sounds great and his take on See See Rider and Corrina are all time classics.

7. Don Campbell does Fogelberg: A solid band does credit to Fogelberg songbook with a smart setlist.

6. Michael McDonald: Love the guy and he had a great song mix. A shy guy, it made you long for a band, but his voice is one of a kind.

5. Clear Lake Dance Party: Annual Christmas show from Iowa to celebrate lives of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens. Good band doing their songs, Richie’s younger sister was there. A real good feeling.

4. J.D. McPherson: Overcame technical difficulties and he gave us his rockabilly Christmas album “Socks”.

First saw him at Armory in Fort Collins and I love the guy’s music.

3. Paul Carrack: Part of the joy here was that I had never seen him perform. His career from Ace to today is amazing.

He finished with the cover of classic “When you Walk in the Room”.

2. Lucinda Williams: She and her band did Tom Petty tribute and kicked ass from beginning to end. Great song choices.

Shocked she didn’t do “Change the Locks” by Petty that she had fame singing.

  1. Richard Thompson: His first show featuring his great album with Linda Thompson. For a true fan, it was one pleasure after another. Home stretch had Shoot out the Lights, Dimming of the Day, Walking on a Wire,Wall of Death, Bright lights.

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