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September 3, 2021 by jacklovelace

Free Guy (2021) 5 days ago

A little too much video game mind numbing for me but Ryan is so likeable and it has some really funny bits. Good story, not groundbreaking, but on the plus side.

The Protégé (2021) 5 days ago

Really good for the first part and while it gets a little over the top in the final sections, it was exciting and strong in casting and easy to recommend.

Annette: Mediocre repetitive songs around a minimal story do not make for enjoyable viewing. Ugh.

The Suicide Squad (2021) 13 days ago

It was fun and clever and big kudos for action scenes that weren’t just mind numbing exercises. The bottom line theme that the United States is the root of all evil will certainly play well these days but it leaves me cold. Elba is a big plus and Harley is always interesting.

Don’t Breathe 2 (2021) 17 days ago

It could have been a run of the mill sequel, bad guys want young girl’s heart for a transplant, old blind guy kicks their ass. But this movie aspires to more and adds on layers that really does take it up another notch. Now it was too gory for me, and as usual the wounds inflicted on our hero just don’t seem to matter. But I give the moviemakers props for not just rolling out another sequel.

Jungle Cruise (2021) 23 days ago

An entertaining couple of hours. Blunt and Rock work well together. It was funny and scary and fast moving. No new ground is broken but that isn’t what the movie was aiming for. Jungle Cruise is a success.

The Operative (2019) 1 month ago

Do not watch this movie. You invest two hours in a movie about a spy in peril and it comes down to does she live or die. And the movie ends before you find it. Really?

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