A mask rule story

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August 16, 2021 by jacklovelace

Despite all the reports of disagreements and tension about mask mandates I haven’t personally seen any.

Until this week.

Were were visiting family in Austin, and we went to this gorgeous spring fed city pool. It has a big shaded almost park like area where people sit when not swimming. It can get very busy. And it is free. Covid numbers are

high in Austin and the city begun requiring people entering the pool area to wear a mask when they aren’t in the water.

We were playing in the pool when we saw two police officers circling the pool, looking for someone. An older

gentleman was laying beside the pool. No mask.

The conversation began.

We sent a spy over to find out the scoop.

The man when he came into the etnry area had been told he must wear a mask to enter the pool grounds. The city even offers them to those who arrive without one. He refused and marched right past them down into the pool area. Thus the call for police.

The police were calm and quiet but persistent that he had to go. At one point our spy heard a policeman say “think of it as a rule”.

He left, they left and all was quiet again. Everyone else during two visits on two different days had no problem wearing the mask when they weren’t in the water.

A reasonable rule in difficult times.

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