The reality of Moby defies sports media

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February 14, 2013 by jacklovelace

I grow weary at the drumbeat from sports media chastising fans for not selling out Moby Arena.

I got excited watching on television at home Wednesday when they beat San Diego.

But, sports media don’t pay to get in, are being paid while they attend the games, have nice food and drink access, and have courtside seats.

Moby has some of the worst, bad seats I have ever seen in any Arena.

It is built with the seats shooting up high quickly, and the rafters are brutal. Even worse, seats behind the goals face forward, not toward the court. That’s actually laughable.

Now $20 for terrible seats isn’t outrageous. But an alternative for “adults” is to watch on nice television screens at home with a drink in hand and a john ten feet away.

The lack of “being there” is a loss. But the Moby experience for the too many high, bad seats, is not good.

That’s why every game hasn’t been a sellout.

Sportswriters need to back off on the lecturing.

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