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November 30, 2014 by jacklovelace

There are a lot of ways to measure movies.

Sometimes a movie can be not very good but you love parts of it so well you can watch it over and over.

Other movies are very good and you never want to see them again. (Try 12 Years a Slave)

The wrapup to the Hunger Games trilogy has been split into two parts to make more movie.

The official line is always that there is so much material it had to be cut in half, but that is mostly horseshit. Greed is good. The third book could have made for a three hour blockbuster but the payout would be less.

Having said all this, I liked the three books and I like this part one. It is smart and interesting. But there is little action and it isn’t a movie a would watch again, unlike parts one and two.

The finale next year should be a dandy.

And worth watching more than once.

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