Homers inflict pain

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April 5, 2016 by jacklovelace

I taped an NCAA basketball semifinal the other day on cable, Villanova and Oklahoma.

After a while I noticed the color guy was moaning about foul calls against Oklahoma.

As homers often do, every play just got him more agitated since he saw everything

through those wounded eyes.

It finally dawned on me I had the Oklahoma announcers stream.

What is so odd to me is that Villanova was playing a tremendous game. Shooting, passing, steals, while Oklahoma was horseshit. Surely, some Oklahoma fans would

like some recognition of reality.

So last night I taped the championship game again, and as Villanova took a lead over North Carolina, the color commentator was having a heart attack.

“How is that not a foul! How! How!

“Call them both ways, call them both ways!”

“How can you win with this officiating!

You will be shocked to know this was the North Carolina stream.

Now as I watched this, and the Oklahoma game, I found the officiating to be

what it usually is, plenty of fouls on every play, the pisses and moans about even on each side.

Mercifully, the game was live last night and I switched to the network where they focused on, grab a chair, the actual playing of the game! It was glorious.

Now I like a Mizzou broadcast when I can get it, but not for a litany of bad refs, but

for more knowledge of my team than I sometimes get on neutral tv.

That really doesn’t apply to Cardinal broadcasts since John Rooney is an umpire

with regularity and again uses whining about calls as a way to not criticize a Cardinal shortcoming.

God spare us from homers.

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