Neglect to the north

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January 14, 2017 by jacklovelace

The Denver Post had an item recently that the Colorado Department of Transportation is adding a third lane south of Denver on I-25 because of how busy it is.

No mention of making it a toll lane since no third lane on any major interstate is a toll lane.

Except in northern Colorado.

Plans are underway to make drivers pay to drive in a third lane throughout the Fort Collins area and to the south. Absolutely ridiculous.

I’m amazed at how people accept this in an almost sheep-like fashion. But it also explains how it happened in the first place.

Political leadership in this area is so weak and so fragmented, there is not a peep

at us being taken advantage of.

In fact, the politicians expected praise in “helping” us get the privilege of paying to drive in a third lane toll lane.


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