Live home runs

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March 30, 2017 by jacklovelace

Sharing how I love to watch Grichuk swing the bat got me to thinking about favorite live home runs.

The best home run I never saw land was when Ozzie nailed one in the playoffs. My friend Pat and I were on the right side stands at Busch, and we couldn’t see it go out. But the crowd let us know that he did. We couldn’t hear Jack Buck but we went crazy anyway.

My favorite home run memories I did watch involved Jack Clark and Mark McGwire. And McGwire’s didn’t even count.

I finally made it to Candlestick Park, godawful place, just as I had heard.

We went early to watch batting practice.

With the wind whipping around. McGwire hit one after another out. My memory count

is 9 in a row. The place came to a complete stop.

My favorite live home run memory is for on that barely made it over the fence.

Jack Clark hit a fastball to left in Busch Stadium.

It his off the concrete above the fence in left field so fast, that it rocketed back into the infield almost before he was out of the batters box. I’ve never see a ball hit harder.

It was another stunning moment in a display of a ripper swing that I didn’t see until Grichuk came along.

I just hope Grichuk can become the hitter Clark was.

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