An example of what sucks in baseball

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August 17, 2017 by jacklovelace

The 9th inning of the Cardinal game last night it the perfect example of what is wrong with baseball.

The Boston hitters took forever to get into the batters box. Huge posturing, stretching, adjusting gloves, planting feet, holding the hand up for everyone to wait until they are finally ready. Every single pitch.

The Cardinal pitchers went along, and decided as a tactic to hold the ball in the stretch until the umpire would grant time to the hitter.

All part of an elaborate cat and mouse game that has nothing to do with what good baseball should be.

Throw in the umpire and his very tight strike zone, and it was miserable to watch.

I long for Bob Gibson winding and firing, Hank Aaron stepping in and taking his swings, and an umpire who loves the raise their hand to call a strike.

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