Mick LaSalle is the best

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November 19, 2022 by jacklovelace

It’s tough for me to put much credence in most movie reviewers. They are paid to sit through movies so the patience level is much higher for them. They also see so much that they like the artsy fartsy movies to an extreme. And they are very afraid to criticize anything woke.

That’s why my favorite is Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle. I’ve liked him for a long time.

I don’t always agree but he is really not afraid to call bullshit when other reviewers would be afraid of being twitter attacked.

I just watched a slow moving movie on Netflix about a girl who doesn’t eat in Ireland. I saw a good review. The movie

was too slow, depressing and plodding.

I looked up LaSalle with an outnumbered dissenting opinion on the movie who said he gets paid to watch this stuff but you and I aren’t and we should better use of our time than this movie.

Thanks Mick


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