Firing head coaches, media softies and the quarterback key

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November 26, 2012 by jacklovelace

Has anything ever been more useless than following media “opinions” about firing head coaches.

As the University of Colorado fired John Embree as head football coach today, the pattern played out once again.

In the Denver Post Terry Frei explained how Embree deserves another couple years.


It is one thing to be bad with glimmers of hope. CU this year was beyond bad.

Why do columnists and commentators always want to give coaches more time?

They deal with them, know them, and don’t really have any real emotional support for the school to make a move, much less the fan who is paying for their tickets and food at the games.

Before I go, one tip for coaches who want to get more than two years to prove themselves.

Find a quarterback. A real quarterback. Hang your star to them and don’t let go.

Hawkins was doomed to failure when he bet on his kid and kept any decent quarterback prospect from coming around.

If Embree had found a quarterback to spark the team in a losing season this year, he would have bought himself more time.

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