Injuries and ownership

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July 29, 2014 by jacklovelace

The Rockies have a non-stop list of players who haven’t played at one time or another because of injuries.

Now this team is performing so poorly that even friendly media doesn’t let the injuries work as an excuse for being lousy.

But it isn’t a giant leap to question another reason behind the injuries.

If you were a player, playing for the Rockies, would you risk more serious injury by coming back too soon or playing when you can point to an injury?

And Rockie ownership rakes in the money by drawing well, no matter who plays or doesn’t play. Is it too cynical to believe ownership isn’t that troubled by injuries that give them an excuse as to why they are bad, while attendance is completely unaffected?

You hear a lot about the climate and tone set by ownership relating to performance. No better example is with the Rockies, and that even includes injuries.

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