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September 15, 2014 by jacklovelace

In a world of endlessly recycled superhero movies, here’s three movies I can recommend without any hesitation.

Boyhood is the amazing film where Richard Linklater filmed actors over a period of years to tell a story. It is a good story, loaded with reality, drama, interesting people.

I am always laying in wait for long movies, and Boyhood pushes toward the three-hour mark. I don’t begrudge him a minute.

A Most Wanted Man is a spy story, something we have enough of, but it drew attention because it was the last starring role for Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I liked this movie a lot, in part because it isn’t a silly chase caper. It is thoughtful, and leads you step by step to the only real action in the movie at the end. And it is a heart stopper.

The Hundred Foot Journey was made for old farts like me. Food porn, sentimental, Helen Mirren, you get the picture.

Loved it, particularly watching Helen Mirren go through her paces.

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