Times gets an F on Airbnb story


January 5, 2015 by jacklovelace


The lack of connection to how people really live was on full display in a potentially useful spread in the New York Times Sunday
Travel section “There’s No Place Like Homes.”
We get a story about swapping homes. Since most of us don’t have homes that are swapping desirable, a dud from the start.
Next we get a story on house sitting. Gee, that’s what most of us are looking to do.
But the worst of the bunch was the story about zooming around southern America trying out Airbnb.
Totally missed is the fact that most of us love using Airbnb for longer term stays in places where hotels are expensive and we
would like more room.
There is a good story to be written about those kind of longer, vacation stays or family visit stays and the pluses and minuses, but
you sure don’t get that as Miller tries to amuse us by staying in a Hippie Bus.
The fact that Times editors do not live in the same world as most Americans was on full display in this mostly waste of space

One thought on “Times gets an F on Airbnb story

  1. I agree! I’ve thought the same thing reading similar stories in other publications.

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