Save the Donut Haus

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June 30, 2015 by jacklovelace

Say it isn’t so.

Estes Park is struggling with traffic through the main drag, as anyone who travels there during busy times knows.

A solution is being considered that would make it one way through downtown and another route in the other direction.

If approved, it is going to mean removal of the Donut Haus.

We don’t have enough quirky in this country. Unusual setups, legacy geography anomalies that would never be approved today in the million years.

The Donut Haus is plopped on an island a mere sharp curve away from the main entrance into Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is tough to get into and out of, probably dangerous, and I love it.

Once you park you walk into this funky old shop and lineup for some really good donuts. If you don’t choose to take them into the park, you can sit on the bench outside and munch away.

I realize Estes Park needs a traffic fix. But if the change is approved and the Donut Haus is removed, it will hurt.

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