Bottle Rockets

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October 25, 2015 by jacklovelace

It’s not often you get a national music act that writes songs that came from where you grew up.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Bottle Rockets from the beginning. Initially I was curious about a group from my hometown, Festus, Missouri.

But the Bottle Rockets are good. Brian Henneman can really write and the music kicks ass. I love them. Not all the albums are great but the lesser one’s have good songs and the better one’s are filled with good songs.

Radar Gun. {Sheriff Walter Buck Buerger}

Bud Nanney Theme.

Brian isn’t afraid to reference home turf specifically from time to time.

The new album, “South Broadway Athletic Club” is one of their best albums.

And as an added bonus, it has two hometown reference songs.

“Building Chryslers” makes me smile because I had friends working shifts in those days.

And “Ship it on the Frisco” makes me smile because I’ve walked those tracks and Frisco trains many a time.

If you haven’t tried the Bottle Rockets or you haven’t tried them lately, give this album a go.


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