Vatican Tapes yes? Yes

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October 25, 2015 by jacklovelace

I write this assuming you will never see this throwaway movie.

I rented in on Redbox expecting my 500th mediocre horror movie. I love horror movies. I tolerate bad one’s.

Reviews for The Vatican Tapes were typically lousy. It even was described as “found film”, a gimmick I truly loathe for the crappy camera work that always comes with it.

Guess what?

While Vatican has pedestrian, predictable pieces along the way, it had good ending.

The young woman who was possessed by the devil goes through the usual Exorcism


But, this time, the devil wins. She has healing powers provided by the devil. She becomes a media sensation.

The movie ends with her about to go on stage to demonstrate her powers before a stadium of awed people.

Of course it sets up part two. And it is derivative in an Omen kind of way.

But it was interesting to see the Exorcism movies get a twist.

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