RIP Robbert Loggia

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December 4, 2015 by jacklovelace

Some years back I went on a movie junket for Necessary Roughness starring Scott Bakula.

Working for a Kansas City newspaper I was always looking for a Missouri angle. Bakula had actually gone to school at Jefferson College near my hometown and he spoke kindly of Jefferson College

Also on the junket was Robert Loggia, a fine character actor who play a coach in this football movie.

I knew Loggia went to the University of Missouri and when I asked him about it he

also had kind words, good school, good experience.

Loggia has been in a lot of movies but Jagged Edge and Scarface got him a lot of attention. In both roles he got to cuss a lot in character.

I found him to be a terrific cusser. When I asked him about that, he looked almost puzzled at first, and said the King’s english works just fine, he was just playing a part.

He was a nice man to meet and I always wished him well.

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