Quarterback silly: Media and coaches

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January 5, 2016 by jacklovelace

How much time is wasted on who should be the starting quarterback?

The media time waste is understandable. It wants conflict and something to fill up endless hours on talk shows.

Take the Denver Broncos and Manning vs. Ostweiller.

The truth is teams need more than one good quarterback. Actually three is a good minimum.

Quarterbacks get hurt, they have bad stretches.

The smart play is almost always to have a couple ready to go and go with the hot hand.

For example, who gives a shit who starts for the Broncos? What matters is what does it take to win a football game. (Now since I have no interest in wishing well on the Broncos, this is not a personal thing)

It would be easy enough to just write this off as media bullshit and the plain fun of

having a quarterback controversy. But the problem is inflamed by the most stubborn

people on the face of the earth…………….head football coaches.

Most hate quarterback controversy.

Take my Missouri Tigers. At one point I was convinced that Gary Pinkel would play

Blaine Gabbert on one leg instead of using a backup.

Instead of facing the fact that a couple good quarterbacks should be essential, and should both play, head coaches are more afraid of controversy than winning, which is truly bizarre. I’ve seen time and time again.

Some coaches though, embrace the notion that you need multiple quarterbacks to get the job done. They even play to the strength of different quarterbacks to spark an offense.

Bottom line.

Every breath fighting over who should start at quarterback is a wasted breath.

A much better pastime is projecting when should each be used.

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