“Nobody dies today”

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September 12, 2016 by jacklovelace

That comment comes from a rescue worker in the movie “Sully”, and sums up a main theme of this good movie……..New Yorkers once again rise to the occasion to help save people in crisis.

Clint Eastwood hasn’t lost his touch. The movie is moving and visually powerful. Tom Hanks could very well get another deserved Oscar nomination for best actor. Instead of making Sully a teddy bear, he actually makes him a very internalized character.

This movie probably won’t make it to my Oscar list though.

Eastwood was interviewed recently and said when he first read the script he said “where is the conflict?”

He found it by making the federal investigators looking in to whether the water landing could be avoided into unfeeling, smug, irritating assholes.

From what I can gather, there was a challenge to the decision in the inquiry, but this

movie vastly overdraws the board as class one pricks.

If Eastwood had even just made them neutral bureaucrats “doing their job” it would have been enough to get under the viewers skin.

Turning them into the spanish inquisition wasn’t necessary.

But, I really liked the movie and the celebration of people rising to the situation.

And remember, don’t fly into birds.


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