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July 13, 2017 by jacklovelace

Recent reviews I posted on Rotten Tomatoes:

The Blackcoat's Daughter (February)

43 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Molasses move faster and mazes make more sense. Yuck!

Going in Style

2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes


It isn’t all that funny and story is not all that good. But, watching these guys is a pleasure. Alan Arkin is underrated.

The Fate of the Furious

2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Why has Dom become bad? Good enough to move us through this movie and quite well I might add. I could care less about the car chases but the story itself was smart enough to keep this franchise engaging.

The Circle

The Circle (2017)

2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Emily Watson as the dumbest person in the room? Why would anyone raise their hand as say “excuse me” when an Apple like company not only wants to end all privacy but make voting mandatory? How the hell do these people get money for these scripts, and find quality actors to say the words? A painful insulting movie.

Personal Shopper

2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Classic dissonance between critics, 81 percent, and viewers, 54 percent.
Murky disguised as meaningful and actually empty. Slow long stretches with a good scene here and there. I was rolling my eyes during the endless text exchanges that led nowhere. And Kristen Stewart unrolls her mumbling, awkward persona that doesn’t make anything better. (As an aside, this movie is showing up on best of year lists. Oh well)

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