I recognize that actor!

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August 8, 2017 by jacklovelace

They are always looking to find material for the endless hours of cable programming.

I have never understood why someone hasn’t put together a program featuring interesting actors…..just not biggies.

I could list hundreds of actors, often thought of as character actors, that we recognize easily but either don’t know their name, or don’t know much about them.

You could put together some film clips from their career, have them comment, interview them, ask other actors about them. A half hour could do it. People you rarely see interviewed.

I was reminded of my idea that has been floating around for years today when I saw movie was a role for Matthew Modine.

He has been around a long time and had all kinds of roles. His most famous would probably be the co-lead in Full Metal Jacket. But his list of bits in a long career is lengthy.

That is just one example of hundreds. (I used to think of J.D. Simmons as an example, but he has gotten so popular he is interviewed too much)

It would be perfect for Turner Classic or AMC, but anybody could put it together.

There is so much shit out there, and yet so many movie buffs, I can’t imagine why someone hasn’t put this one together.

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