Airport “john” gridlock more like……….

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November 18, 2017 by jacklovelace

Every time I go to the airport at Denver I’m always fascinated at the john’s in a horrible way.

They are designed for you to immediately begin snaking your way in, usually dragging a bag, in a twisted entry, while people try to leave, dragging bags in the same small space.

Given that people are morons at airports, never looking, always hurrying, it is a recipe for constant near collisions. And it presumes people observe a stay on the right in, stay on the right out, courtesy. Uh huh.

Why would you design a bathroom with a twisted S pattern instead of just walking in?

I know you don’t want it so straight that, horror of horror, you can peer into the john from the outside.

But many airport johns have a straight walk in entry, and then one slight wide turn to the left or right and into paradise.

I’m sure there is a practical, if wrong, reason, but I prefer the notion of a mad planner

saying “watch me create my own version of gridlock, pisslock.”



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