Why not Four Christmases?

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December 19, 2017 by jacklovelace

Ever year we drag out the Christmas movies.

I have to admit, I’m worn out on Christmas Story. And even my beloved Christmas Vacation is into overkill.

I watch the ending of George C Scott when Scrooge becomes a new man every year and it always gets to me. I watch the ending of White Christmas for the closing song and snow scene. Also gets to me. (Notice Mr. ADD watches the endings)

A movie that isn’t nearly as good as those two but has the advantage of not being seen

much is Four Chistmases with Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon.

It is uneven and has some flat spots.

But parts are really funny. The trip to his dad’s house (Robert Duvall, never better) is funny as can be.


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