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October 11, 2018 by jacklovelace

We have an independent movie theater in Fort Collins. I love the idea and I go to support them as much as possible.

One of their peculiarities is when you buy your ticket you place your food and drink order and if the employee is working alone, they fill it all at one time before waiting on the next customer. That can be time consuming. They sometimes have a backup person at least filling the orders while the next customer is waited on.

Today. 1:45 showing. I walk in about 1:35. Line is a dozen deep, surprising for them at that time of day.

A lone employee in the whole building is filling a food and drink order for the first person in line.

I actually went to one of their comfy coaches to watch the trainwreck because I knew what was coming.

As I sat, and she took maybe five minutes to help the person at the front of the line, the

ticket line grew by two and then two more and then two more and….

At around 1:45 when the trailers start (and they only show five minutes worth here, a feather in their cap) I walked back to the car with the line snaking through the building.

I am mildly curious if these ever polite Fort Collins people just waited and missed the first third of the movie, or they also just gave up.

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