First Man is a sour, cold waste

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October 12, 2018 by jacklovelace

First Man is a strange movie, and overall not enjoyable.

The Neil Armstrong in this movie has a chip on his shoulder, is cold, has no sense of humor, and never smiles. I realize the real Neil was buttoned down, but I remember a nice smile.

Buzz Aldrin is a dick. Was he really?

No one ever is happy or talks to each other or tells joke or anything lighthearted. Not the Armstrong family, not the astronauts, NASA stuff, nobody.

Grim to the max.

There are some really well done scenes.

But overall, this depiction is such a downer the makers must not think the trip to the moon was worth it.

Spoiler alert.

The perfect closing scene.

After he returns from the moon, Neil is in quarantine, and his wife, the outstanding Claire Foy, comes to visit him behind a glass.

They don’t talk. After being apart for weeks and his going to the moon, they have nothing to say! There are fingers on the glass to make us feel their connection, but it is perfunctory and cold, cold cold.

Just like this movie.

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